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Our Company Integrated. Marketing. Solutions.
That's what we do.


Client need, market demand, and emerging technology constantly motivate us to stay ahead of the curve and provide our clients effective solutions. Many of our top services encompass ventures that were new for both us and our clients at one time:

ddm delivers strategy, industry insight, and technical expertise that work across all media types and tactics. Our efforts are directed and intentional. Our solutions are creative and tailored to your needs. And each encounter with ddm guarantees an interaction with someone who takes your success personally.

Our work is rooted in this founding philosophy: effective marketing and communications should produce superior, measurable results. This unique drive enables us to consistently support our clients' business goals regardless of challenge, deliverable, or budget.

Best of all, you're going to love working with an enthusiastic team that instinctively offers you exactly what you need. Our people love what they do. And even more so, they love seeing you succeed.

How We Work

Every project team is custom-fit to your unique needs. Generally, your core team will be composed of an Account Manager (manages relationship), Project Manager (track projects and details), and Designer (implements vision).

As your needs are better defined, additional ddm team members with specialized skill sets in disciplines like Web Services, Video, or Social Media are dedicated to your account. We scale our team to meet the goals of the task at hand. And you pay for only the services you need.

Throughout the life of your project, we collaborate, cross-pollinate, and communicate with one another as well as with you and your staff. We pride ourselves on being fact-finders who search out the differentiating details. And you can depend on us to be fast on our feet, able to deliver on time and on budget. This duality is what sets us apart from our competitors and gives you results you can count on.

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