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Faithgirlz Flash Website (v1)

Summer 04

ddm created the first version of the Faithgirlz website alongside comprehensive brand development. Featuring a dynamic flash interface and interactive fun, girls were introduced to a new series of books and given a first-of-its-kind community experience.

Zonderkidz : Faithgirlz Flash Website (v1)

Big market. New Series. Brand new site.

Few markets get more exposure to messaging than do pre-teen and early teen girls, so the competition for their attention is fierce. When Zondervan’s Zonderkidz division launched a new series of books that supported the growing spiritual awareness of these girls, they asked us to help them break into this very cluttered field.

Written by best-selling author Nancy Rue, the Faithgirlz series puts faith into a real-life perspective for 8 to 12 year-old girls. The stories and the characters are exciting, dynamic, bigger than life, and inspirational – just the qualities we wanted for the website.

ddm developed an award-winning, Flash-based, intensely interactive site that appealed to the fun-loving and curious nature of these pre-teen and early teen girls.

Rather than merely introducing a line of books, we made them part of a lifestyle. The site is membership-driven and girls are encouraged to recruit their friends. Once inside, girls find that they are in control. Dynamic, database-controlled Flash content enables members to read about the books, download sample chapters, get detailed character info, interact with author Nancy Rue, subscribe to and read devotions, swap messages with other members, win prizes related to story plots, and even apply custom colors to make the site their own.

Designed and created by DDM Marketing & Communications.