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ddm was established in 1990 as a merger of marketing strategy, research, and design. We’ve been reestablishing our value to clients ever since, bringing together strategic planning, integrated campaigns, video, and digital production under one roof.

Clients in fields ranging from healthcare to financial services to global manufacturing turn to us for deep insights, and a highly responsive approach. We’re also known for being as personable as we are professional. For us, relationships are as important as our work. It’s what makes us ddm.

We’re a talented team large enough to handle all the work, but small enough to quickly respond to the challenge.

ddm & EOS Entrepreneurial Operating System

ddm is organized and gains traction through the EOS Entrepreneurial Operating System and you would be required to embrace this system and as a team member help fully implement its practice. Some specifics from EOS that guide expectations of all team members:
Know Our Passion: Amaze Our Clients
Understand Our Niche: Delivering extraordinary service and amazing solutions to highly complex or regulated industries.
Exhibit Our Core Values:
     1. Serve our clients tenaciously.
     2. Respect the team.
     3. Be curious – first ask why then tackle how.
     4. Run through the wall attitude.
     5. Deliver excellence, not excuses.
     6. Play up a level.

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