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3 marketing tactics that drive new patient volume

3 marketing tactics that drive new patient volume -cover

For health systems throughout the country, primary care physicians and advanced care providers often serve as an entry point to the patient journey funnel. These primary care professionals serve on the front lines of healthcare, acting as the first points of contact with patients.

That means they are often the first to see depression, early signs of cancer or chronic disease. They ensure patients get the right care, at the right time, in the right place. In addition to being vital to patient care, primary care providers are also vital contributors to a health system’s volume and revenue success.

Primary care generates significant ROI

According to a 2019 Merritt Hawkins survey, an employed family physician generates an average of $2,111,931 in net revenue annually for his or her affiliated hospital. This makes primary care providers both highly coveted and highly recruited by healthcare organizations.

Primary care providers generate extensive ROI through patient referrals, hospital admissions, diagnostic tests and inpatient procedures. Known as “downstream revenue,” this revenue source is extremely important for long-term fiscal solvency. 

Given primary care’s significant financial impact, it should be a key part of any hospital or medical group growth strategy. Primary care is important to an overall marketing plan because it is the largest component of the patient journey funnel.

Taking the time to understand how consumers choose a primary care provider is the first important step toward building an effective healthcare marketing campaign.

New patients learn about potential providers through a variety of ways, including word of mouth referrals, media advertising, online directory listings and hospital websites.

3 marketing tactics that promote primary care physicians

Marketing primary care physician access to potential patients doesn’t need to be complicated. There are a few high return marketing tactics that can be easily implemented to connect with patients in multiple ways and on multiple levels.

  1. Promote and highlight provider and facility availability.
    Social and digital media provide an exceptional way to quickly target consumers and introduce them to physicians who are accepting new patients. Establish an online presence for each provider and ensure accurate scheduling information is available.
  2. Reinforce a brand promise through messaging that highlights a well-known hospital or health system affiliation.
    Why should a patient choose a particular medical practice? Take the time to promote unique aspects such as same-day appointments, coordinated care, expanded hours or exceptional patient experiences.
  3. Content marketing can also play a significant role in promoting primary care services.
    Regularly positioning primary care providers as trusted local experts who offer wellness advice is a great way to allow potential patients to begin establishing trust and familiarity.

Competition for new patients is stronger than it has ever been. However, many opportunities remain to capture volume and grow revenue. An experienced and trusted partner, who understands the complex healthcare environment, can help.

For more information on developing a primary care marketing strategy, please contact John Gonda, Sr. Healthcare Account Manager, at