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ddm marketing + communications nominated for best native advertising platform award

ddm marketing + communications nominated for best native advertising platform award -cover

This year’s Digiday Technology Awards have recognized the ongoing partnership between ddm marketing + communications and Nativo. This nomination demonstrates and reinforces ddm’s ongoing commitment and capability to remain at the forefront of digital media.

The benefits of native advertising are far reaching. By using paid ads that match the look, feel and function of the media content in which they appear, native ads are often found throughout social media feeds, or as recommended content on a web page. Unlike display ads, or banner ads, native advertising resembles the editorial flow of the webpage.

Native advertising continues to be extremely beneficial for advertisers, and the Nativo self-serve platform partnership allows ddm clients to publish content in high-profile, relevant publications without the normal associated high-dollar minimum spends.

Through a combination of artfully blended content, exclusive media inventory and precision targeting, ddm is able to partner with clients to adapt a campaign focus at a moment’s notice.

“The ability to execute and manage native advertising campaigns completely in-house provides tremendous results for ddm and its clients,” said Troy Boehm, digital marketing manager for ddm. “This capability is another example of the our firm’s extensive media planning and buying expertise.”

Digiday Technology Award nominees are proven to demonstrate a commitment to optimizing both the user and business-side experience. Other 2020 Dididay Technology Award nominees include leading organizations such as Pandora, Adobe, Verizon Media and Roku.

To learn more about how to include native advertising as a part of your marketing campaigns, contact Troy at