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Keep your website maintained with continuous improvement worksheet

continuous website improvement

We’re often approached to redesign, reorganize, and rebuild websites for our clients. If your website has any miles on it, it’s probably got older content, dated messaging, and functionality that no longer meets the needs of your customer. Like an atrophied muscle, the website suddenly can’t do what it needs to do - and now it’s a problem that the rest of the business can feel. The only solution is a complete overhaul.

Continuous Website Improvement form It doesn’t have to get that far! We want to help you keep your website fit for purpose. We believe your website should be your best salesperson - always learning, improving, and helping your customer get what they need.

That’s why we’ve put together this worksheet for Continuous Website Improvement. This fillable PDF can help you set SMART goals to keep your website evolving and improving, instead of falling into disrepair and dated design. This will create an ongoing cadence of measuring effectiveness and developing new features and improved content.

For more information on continuous improvement, SMART Goals, and our fundamentals, have a look at our recorded webinar: Your #1 Salesperson: Your Website.

Or email our Interactive Department manager, Paul DeLeeuw at