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Webinar: Media planning in 2021 – Overcoming 2020’s volatility

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Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 2:00pm EST

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Whew… 2020 rocked media planning, buying and spending. Some companies slashed advertising budgets, others doubled down on digital-only tactics, and a few stopped efforts altogether. 2020’s fight or flight reactions are making way for intentionality and smart moves in 2021.

No one has a crystal ball to predict the media landscape as the world recovers from the pandemic, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating and executing media plans.

In this webinar, we’re taking a look back at the trends that emerged in 2020 and how they can propel you forward in building a successful 2021 strategy. We’ll explore how to pivot quickly, why you shouldn’t table your media plans, and how to capitalize on efficiencies and track performance.


Troy Boehm

Troy Boehm is the digital marketing manager at ddm. He has in-depth knowledge of the digital media landscape and a strong understanding of digital analytics. Working with multiple B2B and B2C organizations throughout his career, his strategies are rooted in measurable results and relevant to overarching goals. Troy understands current media trends and how organizations can improve campaign effectiveness by coordinating with other marketing channels.

Ann Hansen

Ann Hansen is a media strategist at ddm. She brings an omni-channel approach to media strategy. Her extensive background in traditional media planning and buying, combined with her expertise in strategic digital media, leads to successful integrated marketing campaigns. Ann’s deep understanding of past, current, and future media trends ensures clients expand their reach in the marketplace, and her negotiating skills ensure budgets are maximized.

 Jordan Buning

Jordan Buning is president and one of the lead marketing strategists at ddm. He understands the shifts in the marketplace and how they influence customer demands. His insights have helped clients not only survive but pivot and thrive during these challenging times. Jordan attributes much of that success to the deep integration of effective media strategy within the full marketing communications mix.