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On the hunt for the Holy Grail of sales tools

On the hunt for the Holy Grail of sales tools -cover

Everyone wants to avoid another "flesh wound."
There are way more than three questions.
You probably don't need a degree in archeology.
And X never marks the spot. Ever (until it does).

We aren't hunting for treasure,
our clients just need the perfect sales tools.
Not a big deal. No one panic. We’ve got this.

Creating the right sales tools for our clients is not an impossible feat. It’s a matter of listening, hearing and solving. Yes, it’s that straight forward. Whether our clients are in manufacturing, medical devices or other industries, they wield large volumes of data every day to conduct their business, to solidify their customer relationships and to track their sales success.

How ddm approaches sales tools

There are countless tools available to organize complex sales data, but where we excel is in the custom solutions. We don’t just repurpose off-the-shelf solutions, we listen to your challenges, we hear what you are looking to accomplish and determine the best course of action. We work with you to identify your workflow and provide recommendations that will help solve those challenges. We also draw on our past experience to enrich the recommendations for future projects. This process of using strategic thinking to inform dynamic solutions is the approach we take for every product. We call it the ddm way. 

 ddm way

Custom workflows

One way that we’ve structured clients’ sales data is through the creation of unique environments. For example, one such environment takes nightly feeds and applies that data to apps that help provide the latest inventory numbers, house product information resources, allow reps to quote those items from within their sales app on the go, all while they track their daily interactions from initial conversation through the close of a sale. A sample workflow for that data is outlined below.

Workflow -overviewSample data flow diagram

We take processes and workflows that typically take days to complete and reduce them to a few minutes. The reduction of time to complete field rep requests helps free up our clients’ internal staff to work on many different things vs. focusing on data processing.

Stiles infographic

Continuous optimization

So, what happens when you’ve found the Holy Grail of sales tools? Well, first of all, congratulations! Now you can retire to a life of leisure. Well not quite. The customer habits and the sales process will change with time. You’ll need to stay relevant, and we’ll continue to provide solutions to capture those opportunities and help you grow your business and strengthen your sales force success.

Don’t worry we’ll help draw the map.

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