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Physician engagement and satisfaction webinar replay

webinar replay -physician engagement and satisfaction -cover

Physician burnout is on the rise.

Across the country, doctors’ ability to practice medicine and care for their patients is increasingly impacted by ongoing government regulations and administrative requirements. As physician burnout increases, patient care and volumes are negatively impacted, which in turn, affects revenue, reputation, and experience.

In this webinar, we share our extensive knowledge of physician engagement, as well as our experience in crafting solutions to meet the challenges.

We help you understand how a consistent physician engagement and communications strategy helps mitigate burnout and dissatisfaction, and what’s needed to build that strategy.

Watch the replay now.



John Gonda, healthcare account executiveJohn Gonda
Healthcare Account Manager

 Jordan Buning Jordan Buning
Account Manager & Principal

John Gonda has over two decades of healthcare provider marketing and communications leadership experience.  Before joining ddm John was Director of System Communications and Marketing for Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, MI.

As a principal at ddm, Jordan Buning leads strategic marketing and branding initiatives for healthcare providers including Metro Health - University of Michigan Health’s new system branding and clinical credibility multi-year strategy.