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Physician engagement = increased satisfaction and success

Physician engagement = increased satisfaction and success -cover

Throughout the healthcare industry, physician engagement is widely recognized as a key measurement of the commitment and professional satisfaction of a medical staff.

A consistent physician engagement and communications strategy helps mitigate the levels of burnout and dissatisfaction within an organization and increases the emotional connection between a hospital/medical group and its providers.

Good for physicians, good for health systems

True engagement welcomes and involves physicians in developing a shared vision for the organization, allowing them to become true partners in solving challenges and celebrating success. Through mutual respect and transparent communications, engagement will begin to naturally evolve.

Physician engagement strategies are vital for a health system’s success. A highly engaged physician equates to quality patient care, lower costs, increased efficiency, and improved patient safety. Perhaps just as important, physician engagement strategies have been shown to positively impact employment retention and recruitment rates.

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Builds trust and productivity

Establishing a consistent engagement strategy also helps organizations to create trusted relationships between physicians and their administrative and physician leadership. These positive relationships have been proven industry-wide to increase physician referrals and productivity.

Gallup surveys have reported an estimated 26% increase in productivity for engaged physicians over disengaged physicians. For health systems and medical groups that typically operate on extremely tight operational margins, this is an area too important to be ignored.

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