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When it comes to financial services, ddm maintains a foot in two unique worlds. From retail banking advertising to fund performance reporting, ddm delivers effective solutions to our financial services clients. We understand marketing and market pressures that demand smart solutions in support of your institution’s goals.

Retail marketing

With deep financial experience with multiple institutions and a complete range of marketing expertise in-house, we’re adept at providing full-scale marketing strategy and advertising efforts. We’re committed to helping you differentiate your institution in ways that separate you from the crowd and build strategically grounded marketing solutions.

Fund performance reporting

Transforming volumes of data into meaningful reports allows our financial clients to present results while they are still fresh. Creating efficiency and accuracy starts with automation and a dedication to quality.

We've successfully developed a series of automated databasing tools that organize critical fund data from multiple types of sources. Behind every fact sheet and report created is a sophisticated logic that allows key data to be organized methodically and quickly, into customized tables and graphs. And unique to our approach to fund reporting is a dedicated client team that can design and develop customized assets reflective of your specific needs. From presentations to websites and apps, we offer a comprehensive approach to fund performance communications.

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