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The keyword in healthcare is change. And due in part to health care reform, technology advancements and a consumer audience that’s clearly engaged in managing their own care, it’s happening at an intense pace.

Medical device marketing

Marketing medical devices to the healthcare environment demands a combination of product rollout expertise and knowledge of how to reach key decision-makers within the healthcare environment–providers, payors and patients.

We support our clients with a full range of strategic guidance and creative communications including product positioning, brand development, marketing campaigns and sales support efforts including interactive application sales tools.

Health system/hospital marketing

Gone are the days of hospitals, doctors and insurers in full control. Today's consumers have choices. Expectations have never been higher for providers of health services. Complete care means clinical expertise as well as authentic personal relationships. The concept of value is more than a word. It means affordability and transparency. It means delivering quality, safety and convenience. And care needs to be delivered when and where it’s needed.

Our role is to help our clients meet the consumer where they are. We create meaningful and desirable healthcare brands, help them reconcile their goals with the needs of the consumer, engage new and existing patients, and drive outcomes that become downstream revenue.

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