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Manufacturing & Industrial

Marketing manufactured and industrial products requires a very different kind of marketing. First, you have to appreciate what makes these companies tick. These environments are typically oriented toward manufacturing efficiency, sales and orders. Industrial products are very complicated and require a lot of technical knowledge to sell. Traditional marketing can feel like an academic exercise as opposed to a useful component to the sales process. The more custom the product, the more custom the marketing strategies and efforts.

ddm appreciates that our efforts in helping a company like yours begins with listening and learning. It’s a tour of your facilities, discussions with product managers and doing our homework. It's becoming one of you as much you’ll allow us. Your goals become ours. And we’re committed to developing specific strategies and executing solutions that reflect who you are and the audience you’re trying to reach. Our breadth and depth of capabilities mean we can be a turnkey partner from strategy to graphics to video and web. We’re also capable of building custom technologies around sales support that help you be more efficient in the field and in your processes.

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