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Priority Health is Michigan’s second largest health insurance company and provides award-winning health insurance plans. Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, they aim to create quality digital experiences for members, agents, employers, employees and providers.

Priority Health  Client Profile

The ddm team has been assisting Priority Health with their email marketing strategy since 2014. At the time, Priority Health’s marketing team had innovative ideas and a strong strategy for growth, but needed support to create those experiences in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (at that time, ExactTarget) because of the extensive HTML and AMPscript (Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s scripting language) skills needed to build out solutions. The first project awarded to ddm was to create responsive email templates based on Priority Health’s new brand. From there, ddm continued to help Priority Health intermittently with AMPscript emails and providing back-up as needed.

  • Responsive email templates
  • AMPscript to pull in personalized content for subscribers
  • Create SQL queries to connect information from Salesforce CRM into Marketing Cloud
  • Automations
  • Journey strategy and development

In August 2017, some large digital initiatives led to an increased need for email assistance. Key ddm team members were integrated into Priority Health’s project management system, Workamajig, and began taking on most of the email creation needs to allow bandwidth for Priority Health’s team to focus on the bigger initiatives at hand. During this process, ddm helped create standards for HTML code, naming conventions and Google Analytics URL tracking.

“The knowledge and support that ddm has given our team is priceless. Their expertise and willingness to collaborate with our team has helped us grow so much as a company in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Our team has been put to the test to help steer digital automation and we are succeeding— with the help of ddm.” – Laura Thayer, Marketing Operations Manager, Priority Health

Salesforce CRM & Marketing Cloud

When Priority Health hired a new full-time team member to handle email creation, ddm helped train that individual on best practices. After Priority Health implemented the data connector between their Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud, ddm began helping Priority Health on their biggest initiative yet: launching a targeted onboarding campaign using Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder. ddm helped Priority Health create the highly personalized emails using AMPscript, set up the Journey steps and identify any data inconsistencies to ensure the right emails went to the right people.

“These emails increased open rate by 47% and click-through rate by 50% over past onboarding efforts. Our goals are being met with the help of personalized emails and executing as a team,” says Thayer.

When asked what she likes best about working with ddm, Marketing Operations Manager Laura Thayer says, “ddm, from day one, has been amazing to work with. The quick responses and ability to step in when things get crazy has been a huge help. The best thing I would have to say is knowing I have a teammate that I can come to with ideas, map them out together and then make them happen. It’s a pretty great feeling.”

Priority Health Email Example

Priority Health Journey Example

Journey Mapping

Since then, ddm has played an integral part of launching multiple Journeys, including a large initiative to encourage members to set their communication preferences to ensure members receive the emails that they want and in the way that they want them. In fall of 2018, Priority Health launched their first mobile SMS campaign and ddm helped code personalized content into the message and test the process.

ddm values their work with Priority Health and the opportunity to be part of their advanced digital marketing efforts and looks forward to continuing the relationship.

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