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Red Cedar Investment Management is a global, active asset manager with a seasoned Portfolio Management team. They focus on developing long-term partnerships with their clients. Through effective research they provide income producing strategies across the capital structure with expertise in managing Preferred securities.

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The team at Red Cedar Investment Management was developing a new investment company and needed a partner to develop an identity that would resonate with an institutional audience and position the firm as reliable, long-term advisors. They also needed a partner who understood asset manager marketing needs.


Brand development was foundational for the rest of the design work and informed the messaging and positioning for other marketing materials. A logo, fonts, and colors were developed, along with sales collateral and a website. The website had to have a clean, professional look, demonstrate expertise, and focus on existing product while being poised for growth.  


ddm’s leadership ensured the website correctly targeted an institutional audience, was compliant, and launched according to the desired timeline. The quality of design, deep understanding of the industry, and clear expectations and execution allowed the Red Cedar team to focus on growing the business.



  • Marketing + Communications Strategy
  • Branding + Design
  • Web + Apps
  • Content + Communications



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