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RidgeWorth Investments is a global asset manager providing a wide variety of fixed income and equity disciplines to institutional clients, financial advisors and retirement planners.

While not the largest asset manager, RidgeWorth leads with innovation in marketing and fund performance reporting to level the playing field with competitors five times larger.


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ddm’s role is to help RidgeWorth work faster, more accurately and produce better tools that minimize the time to market in order to equip wholesalers and financial advisors with information and resources that give them a competitive edge.

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And unlike other automated-only solutions, we have a team of designers who can apply the data to a host of tools reflective of RidgeWorth’s needs and requests.

  • Printed fact sheets
  • Board books
  • Commentaries
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • iPad apps (both internal sales tools and public)
  • Websites
  • Print-ready copies stored in a marketing and sales archive
  • Email communications

Behind RidgeWorth’s fact sheets, PowerPoint presentations and sales materials, lays a sophisticated platform that organizes data methodically and quickly, into customized tables and graphs across various media. Critical data is communicated with the highest degree of reliability and a reduced burden on RidgeWorth’s in-house resources, freeing up their small marketing team to focus on more valuable projects.

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  • Fund Commentary

  • Fund Fact Sheet

  • Fund Performance Book

  • Peer Comparison

  • White Paper

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