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As one of the world’s leading providers of advanced manufacturing equipment, Stiles is committed to helping its customers achieve new levels of performance and productivity. It possesses the same commitment to its own business.

Stiles tirelessly labors to improve its performance by transforming its approach to daily efforts. Their goal? Accuracy, efficiency, value.


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It started 30 years ago with a commitment to data collection. Everything that could be tracked was – machines, parts, sales calls, etc. Stiles was well ahead of the CRM curve. The challenge was how to leverage this data to help customers interact with Stiles better and for Stiles to do their business better. But there was a vision to eliminate redundant actions, better equip sales and support team members, and improve responsiveness.

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ddm and Stiles have worked closely in recent years to build accessible technology solutions that reflect how Stiles works with its customers and each other. It started with discovery - listening and learning and organizing. Then ddm explored how tools could be developed and adapted to meet Stiles’ needs. This logic has been used in website development, digital advertising, sales support, business intelligence technologies and content management strategies. Listen, learn, build, repeat. It’s all about the results.

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The outcomes speak for themselves. Processes that took nearly two days are completed in just five minutes. Functions that demanded eight people are now automated, allowing those eight positions to be applied to more significant responsibilities. Stiles views everything they’ve created as living tools. Always evolving to meet their needs. It is never done.

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