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Strategies to help businesses achieve marketing goals during times of uncertainty

Strategies to help businesses achieve marketing goals during times of uncertainty -cover

GRAND RAPIDS, MI, MAY 21, 2020 — As the business community continues to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies need to strategically alter their approach to promoting products and services.

According to Jordan Buning, president of ddm marketing & communications in Grand Rapids, given the global impact of the situation, there needs to be an immediate shift in marketing messages. 

“Consumers of your products need to feel safe, they need to be informed and they want convenience that personally resonates with them. Whether we are talking about B2B or B2C, the drivers that you think you knew about your audience are different right now and they’re going to be lasting for quite a while.”

While this difference may either be temporary, or permanent, it is a current reality. Organizations are rethinking how they understand their audience and how to best connect with them. 

To achieve this, business owners need to determine how their company will become viewed as a brand that consumers want to positively interact with. It is important to consider whether audience messaging is still as relevant as before COVID-19.

The time is now for organizations to shift from simply selling something to effectively helping someone. Every organization’s goal is to sell something, and that’s not to be ignored. But the way this is done and the authenticity that is delivered becomes increasingly vital.

From a functional standpoint, ddm marketing & communications suggests that organizations consider the following points: 

  • Do your sales messages still resonate?
  • Does your product/service meet a new need or opportunity?
  • Does your knowledge benefit a new client base?
  • Do your services fulfill a public need or service?

As organizations answer these questions, it is important to always remain authentic and sincere. Audiences will remember how you treated them during times of need. To be successful, companies need to contribute to others in a meaningful way and be sincere in their actions.  For more information on communicating and engaging customers during challenging times, please visit for valuable resources and informative guides.

About ddm marketing & communications

Founded in 1990, ddm provides a full-service array of communication, marketing and technology services to businesses in highly complex and highly regulated industries. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, ddm serves a diverse national and international client base, ranging from healthcare and financial services, to medical device and global manufacturing. With team members located in west Michigan and Chicago, ddm is organized through the EOS Entrepreneurial Operating System and prides itself on an untiring commitment to serving clients tenaciously. For more information, please visit